Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The Girl

Shocking but true:  The girl in this photo is not me.  But I sort of wish it was.  I'm just not all that in touch with my black thigh highs side. I am in touch with my Murakami side, however.

I first saw this photo when my friend, Jim, told all of his FB friends about a blog that we should stop not reading.  Yes, you got it right, I should stop not reading that blog.  The blog gives a photo credit to www.seacreatures.com, which I guess I should do too.  Here is one of the postings that Jim didn't intend for me to read, but which I really loved.  I am not sure if I should interpret it as a love letter to a girl named Margaret, or as a fishing lure cast out to find a Margaret replacement.  Either way, I'm fine with it. 

I just finished reading After Dark by Haruki Murakami, and I am still in love with the author.  After Dark is a departure from the other books that I have read by Murakami, in that he has changed  his narative form, and instead writes this book almost as a screenplay.  From a lessor author, this may not have gotten published, as one could interpret Murakami's scene setting descriptions as shorthanded laziness.  However, with Murakami, a reader understands that the author truly knows how to set a scene, and that he must be experimenting with just telling the reader what they are seeing straight out, as a new technique.

After Dark is the ideal book for a New York to LA flight (hint to Margaret), as I think that one could read it from start to finish in that time.  It is short, concise, and meaningful.  It is the story of one night in Tokyo, as seen through the eyes of several different characters.  One of the things that I loved about Kafka on the Shore, also by Murakami, was that it told me about a part of Japan that I had never realized existed.  An area with trees and cabins and forgotten libraries.  In my mind, when I think of Japan, I envision action and many people living in a small area.   Bright lights at night time.  After Dark explores that latter part of Japan,and leaves the reader wanting to know more.  I have put Norwegian Wood back on my TBR list.

Next up:  Winter Garden by Kristin Hannah

Still Listening to:  The Red Queen by Philippa Gregory

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