Saturday, March 17, 2012

Everlasting Emma

Finally, I have finished Emma by Jane Austen.  It seemed so strange to me that I could not remember ever reading a Jane Austen book, that I bought Emma when I saw it at a used book sale.  Then, since I could get it for free for my Kindle, it rushed to the top of my reading list.  Hint:  if it is free for your Kindle, that is because no one wants to read it.

Emma was a fine story of 20 or so people living in the English countryside, with nothing to do but visit each other.  I will credit Austen with beautifully recreating the monotony that must have prevailed in those days.  But who wants to read a monotonous book?  Austen has legions of fans, but I can't count myself among them.

If you are ever feeling the urge to read some Austen, save yourself some time and rent Clueless.  As I mentioned earlier, Clueless captures the full story in Emma, but also manages to make it interesting.

One more down for the Off the Shelf Challenge!

Next up:  Stone Arabia  by Dana Spiotta

Still Listening to:  Helen of Troy by Margaret George.  I'm on disc 20!  Only another week(ish) and I'll be done.

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