Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The Typical Book Group Report - 4

Last night the Typical Book Group met to discuss Stories I Only Tell My Friends by Rob Lowe.  My husband was conspicuously absent.  It was probably a good thing too, since we didn't even start talking about the book until an hour and forty-five minutes into the "meeting". 

As you may recall, my husband loves the Rob Lowe autobiography which we were discussing, and he had planned to attend this month.  But when the time came, he chickened out.  He sent me with a short list of discussion points (check that box - we discussed), and when I got home, he quizzed me on what I learned about the book.  I don't think he understood that there wasn't much of a lesson, and that we mostly debated the validity of mandatory after school middle school programs.

There were 9 of us there tonight, and 8 of us had read the book.  All of us who read it really liked it.  I said it before, but it's worth repeating that Rob Lowe is a surprisingly good writer.  The book inspired several of us to watch old Rob Lowe movies which we had forgotten about.  We're not going to meet next month due to the school break schedule, but we have decided to try to get together to watch the DVD  "The Outsiders:  The Complete Novel"  which was released in 2005 and more closely follows the story of the novel.  Good thing Lynne got that Netflix subscription and giant TV from Oprah!

Next up:  This Beautiful Life by Helen Schulman at my house.  Although we have a while before we will meet to discuss it, I'm reading it now.

Still listening to:  Empire Falls by Richard Russo

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