Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The Book Group Report

Last night, my book group met to discuss The Story of Edgar Sawtelle. My group is a little eclectic. It started off as a group of moms who all worked outside of the home, and had first graders at the same school. We have transitioned into a group of people who all have kids, all live in the same school district, and all like to read. We have about 12 regular members, but only 6 or 7 people come to each meeting.

This month, we had 7 people come to the meeting, of which 6 had read the book. That's pretty good for us, as the reading is not necessarily required. As I discussed in a July post, we voted in May to read Edgar Sawtelle as our BFB (Big Fat Book) for the summer. Throughout the summer I heard a lot of moaning about the book, including one book club member who refused to read it (and did not come to the meeting) because there's a bad guy in the story. Laura, my friend who warned me about Edgar, is also in the club, but I pretty much knew she would not be there for this discussion.

Of the people who were there and did read Edgar, we all pretty much agreed that it was a great book. We didn't have much sympathy for Edgar's mom, and everyone loved Henry. I was a little disappointed that there wasn't more disagreement among us, because it's hardly worth the post to say we all loved a best selling book.

For next month, we will be reading Alice I Have Been, by Melanie Benjamin. This is a book of historical fiction (!) written about Alice Liddle, the inspiration for Lewis Carroll's famous story. And now you know why I needed to read Alice in Wonderland at this point in my life!

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