Friday, January 28, 2011

Quilting Q-tees

Friendships among adult women can be tricky.  It's rare to find a group of women with whom one likes to spend time that is unified by something other than having kids who are about the same age.  As I was reading The Persian Pickle Club by Sandra Dallas, I kept thinking about how lucky I am to have three distinct groups of women friends; my bunco group, my book group and my potluck group.  How small town-middle age-middle class does that sound?  Very.  Did I mention that I live 5 miles from Detroit, that the groups are populated by women who could be called "MILFs", that reading is optional for the book group and that the potluck group meets at restaurants?  OK, I know, still small town-middle age-middle class.  Deal with it.

The Persian Pickle Club is the story of a group of women in a small town in Kansas who are united by quilting.  Truth be told, the group is a clique, with some outsiders jealously wishing that they could join.  The Persian Pickles range in age through generations, but are bound together through their shared history and a love of stitching.  The youngest member, Queenie, misses her friend who moved away and is thrilled to meet Rita, who she hopes will fill the position of "best friend" which is currently vacant.  Rita is a city girl who is not so sure that quilting is her thing, and is looking for work as a newspaper reporter.

TPPC is just a nice, quick, entertaining read.  I probably would never have picked it, but I enjoyed reading it.  And I learned something about quilters too.  Those ladies are wild.  What happens at quilting, stays at quilting. 

Next up:  Leaves of Grass by Walt Whitman

Still Listening to:  The Inheritance of Loss by Kiran Desai

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